How to distinguish the quality of the labor insurance shoes is good or bad

by:BEF     2020-12-04
Labor insurance shoes were equipped with many enterprises should give workers labor insurance supplies, one of the for on the market, hundreds of thousands of kinds of labor insurance shoes on the network, how to identify the quality of good or bad? First: the labor insurance shoes to the choose and buy has been through the national labor inspection department has issued by the national bureau of technical supervision of production license for special protection order enterprise or a distributor, require the other party to provide relevant certificate, such as: organization code certificate, product quality standards. Its time: to check product identification and appearance quality. When the choose and buy, should first confirm whether the products production enterprises with industrial products production permit. Again on this foundation is marked on the view product production enterprise name, address, license number, production date, executive standard, whether the attached certificate and operation instruction, to protect the security of the toes shoes need to pay special attention to see if there are any more product name (shoes Or & other Protect the toes & throughout; The words) , shoe and protective performance levels; For electrical insulating safety shoes should pay attention to see if there are any more product name shoes, shoe and withstand voltage value. When the choose and buy should also pay attention to check whether the vamp have a disability, colour and lustre is differ, jump, and lines heavy needle, needle break, code uneven; Does help end if there is a glue, take off the line; Sole ever sulfur and low sulfur, sulfur spray; Whether in baotou skew, etc. Finally: pay attention to the product production process and storage time. The selection of labor insurance shoes is different from the ordinary shoes, on the wear and use has certain requirements. A pair of good labor insurance shoes on the wearing comfort, is superior to the ordinary labor insurance shoes, it is not only the foot feels comfortable, walk and work in or not laborious and greatly reduces the pressure on the foot force, make the work more easily.
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