How to discern between true and false simple safety shoes?

by:BEF     2020-11-26
Safety shoes on the market of counterfeit problems has been plagued by vast consumers and suppliers, fake safety shoes although cheap, but the serious security hidden danger caused by a lot. Wearing fake safety shoes does more harm than wearing fake sneakers, because safety protection articles relationship with the personal safety of users, product performance slightly deficiency will lead to serious accidents, and some fake safety shoes even don't have much protection, so it is very urgent to learn to identify counterfeit safety shoes. A, detailed survey method 1, shoes appearance marks formal safety protection products in the product itself and on the package should have clear, durable, including shoe size, brand Logo, company and product name, production date, product standards and quality inspection marks, etc. , good brand shoe label according to the performance level also set the color. A sign of fake and inferior products usually fuzzy rough, content is not complete, as long as careful observation can find problems. 2 overall modelling quality goods safety shoes shoes, shoe body type is compact, joint foot type, wearing comfortable, modelling is beautiful and easy. Fake safety shoes, shoe is loose, and on both sides of the expansion, modelling is ugly and safety performance is poor, unable to protect. 3, tongue thick full process quality goods safety shoes tongue, made careful, ensure the comfort and wear resistance, tongue inside or attached to the side products basic information, standards, manufacturer information, etc. The fake safety shoes tongue flat, without any marks. 4, the sole production quality goods safety shoes sole plate length is longer, sole forming rules, even, from the naked eye can discern the true and false. Brand of safety shoes soles design more accord with human body engineering, the foot of each main point and stress distribution, strict calculation design, professional research and development, production. Second, the field experiment method in accordance with requirements of the European standard EN ISO 20345, comply with the standards of safety shoes design and equipped with safety in baotou, prevention can withstand the impact of the 200 joules and 15000 cattle extrusion, option affordable puncture resistance P say at least 1100 n. 1, shock resistance, safety shoes baotou under the impact of the 200 joules, no damage, and the gap spacing not less than 14 mm. 2, compression performance safety shoes baotou after extrusion under 15000 cattle, no damage, and the gap spacing not less than 14 mm. 3, puncture proof performance safety shoes soles should bear at least 1100 n puncture force.
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