How to determine whether qualified Chinese shoes?

by:BEF     2020-11-28
Want to determine whether a pair of labor insurance shoes qualified, can from the following three aspects: 1, the soles of shoes bed pads most labor insurance shoes have bed pad, usually a base fixed insoles. However, if the insole cover the whole length of the sole, so there is no doubt with it also extends to shoes to baotou protection, in the space below the shoes baotou internal clearance is reduced, and the protection of shoes baotou can provide adverse impact. So, can consider to thin insoles shoe a head. Once the shoes baotou internal clearance is assessment requirements, don't change the insole. 2, prevent puncture in the bottom because of various reasons, the puncture in the end usually does not cover the entire width of the soles, however, under the circumstance of compression, shoes baotou ruffles likely over the outer limits of the anti puncture in the bottom and in the soles. Then the puncture in the bottom will be inside the shoes baotou pointing, and, because the puncture in the bottom at this time is the plane stress, it will be up and extruding shoes baotou inner space. In order to improve the performance of impact resistance and compression resistance test, the puncture in the bottom must be fixed on the sole, makes it completely crushed under shoes baotou ruffles. In this way, at the time of test, it will become base of shoes in baotou, and prevent shoes baotou in the soles when compressed. In addition, shoes baotou ruffles to completely placed at the top of the anti puncture in the bottom to prevent it at the time of testing mobile and lift into shoes baotou ruffles. 3, the position of the shoes in baotou, finally, it's important, in the process of production will shoes baotou correctly installed on the shoe tree. Install it could lead to if shoes baotou displacement, so that the performance of the serious instability. Now, the shoes baotou types and selection of the materials used are a lot more than before. Labor insurance shoes manufacturer is in established on the use of the product market, and product choice, and make sure that the shoe design can reach their maximum protection.
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