How to determine when buy safety shoes size?

by:BEF     2020-12-10

for safety shoes, walking on two feet of the influence of the right size comfort, performance and protection. Such as the safety shoes, if size is too small, can cause steel baotou position is too low, once a whack, toe is easily injured, visible safety shoes size appropriate is very important.

1, first of all must be taken to correct posture, the legs parallel, the weight evenly distributed, upright posture to try on. If pinch or don't feel well, we suggest trying on big yard safety shoes.

2. The top of the shoe to tiptoe, toes part should have a certain space, in order to wear comfortable;

3, about the size of the feet is not completely equal, should refer to the feet when selecting a measurement data. And at different times of the day will change the size of the foot, the biggest in the afternoon, so suggest the afternoon try or measurement.

4, for the first time, try the best on the hard ground, too soft ground is usually measured size is not accurate.

5, for the feet tall, fat or flat feet, had better choose the safety of the big one yard shoes.

warm prompt: choose safety shoes the first rule is, on the premise of not to drop foot wearing comfortable, try to choose the big yards, such ability can good protection function into full play.

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