How to determine the standard safety shoes?

by:BEF     2020-11-30
Many have certain scale and level of the current domestic shoemaking enterprise has set his sights on safety shoes this past by developed countries occupy the market segments. So how to determine safety shoes have European standard? 1, must have the CE certificate, test report is not equal to complete CE, because in the CE inspection agencies, single function, can choose only test such as SRC, no ENISO20345 do foundation, single slip is invalid. 2, oubiao S1 on the properties of the basic requirements: the minimum height, low help shoes soles oil shock, followed by a closed, followed by energy absorption, shoe lining use breathable antibacterial material, shoe lining lined with heels walking has wear-resisting material to prevent foot sliding out ( Response) , shoe buckle, and LACES strength; All these items do need a lot of cost. 3, skin: the difference between gb did not make specific requirements on skin thickness, while consumers will see the thickness of the leather, the manufacturer will in 1 and 0 1, 6 mm leather or artificial leather with a layer of EVA thickening; Originally China leather production process caused by skin type ventilation is poor, coupled with a layer of EVA, this is the real reason for shoes smelly feet. European standard for leather processing keep ventilation type ( Have a special inspection) In 1, 8 -, thickness 2, 2 mm leather. 4, prevent hit and puncture proof: national standard and European standard basic same, but the domestic supply of the hit in baotou and the puncture floor in three levels: level into shoes ( Do the shoes in the shoes can pass the test) , single level ( Single test pass, pass into shoes height) , psychological comfort level. 5, anti-static: the marked ESD level 10 ^ 5 - 10 ^ 8 ohms. 6, anti high temperature, with two standard HRO and HI. 7, prevent low temperature: the marked CI standard. 8, waterproof, with S3 and WR two levels of the standard, the S3 is waterproof for leather processing, splashing in the WR is to help open the waterproof, it is difficult to do both waterproof and breathable. 9, foot back protection: the META tags special requirements. 10, arches twist feet: the marked with ARCH support special requirements.
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