How to design more antiskid safety shoe patterns?

by:BEF     2020-12-03
Shoes in pavement skid phenomenon, mainly is the safety shoes soles and the friction between the ground down to a certain degree. When designing the outsole pattern, often used method of slip resistance mainly holding and adsorption. Which achieve the goal of outsole for the ground holding method has the following several kinds: the first is to reduce grain peak, which reduce the corolla is a safety shoes in the soft surface wear, corolla can more or less into the ground, have the effect of slip resistance. The second is to design thinner sheets then this pattern of outsole wear unavailable, under pressure, lamellar pattern are dumping, the dumping of the film after increasing the surface area of the contact with the ground, resulting in a better resistance to slip, this pattern is suitable for hard and smooth surface. The third is the design of adsorption capacity of outsole is to make the whole or partial adsorption of outsole on the ground, in order to achieve the purpose of the slip resistance. Such use adsorption to the design of the slip resistance have two forms, namely the outsole overall adsorption and partial adsorption. Around the whole adsorption is the bottom contact with the ground, left four surrounding outsole is not contact with the ground, make outsole a bottom shape of the cup, after pressure adsorption on the ground, but the way of adsorption and generally require flat bottom here, molded outsole of the past ten years are tend to have some here at the end of the former become warped, to meet the needs of the foot in motion when bending, so it will be difficult to achieve the overall adsorption, adsorption, replaced by the local local adsorption is out at the end of the ball is followed by a few parts design several bowls of suction cups, with the bending of shoes, when chuck touches the ground, have the effect of slip resistance.
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