How to correctly choose the smashing labor insurance shoes?

by:BEF     2020-12-06
The smashing labor insurance shoes is working in different occasions to prevent your feet from being injured by weight parts, its application is more extensive, but how in various forms of the hit in the labor insurance shoes, choose the suitable for enterprise use the smashing labor insurance shoes? Not suitable for enterprise use up labor insurance shoes, not only cannot effectively avoid labor safety accident, instead of the employee's foot hurt, at the same time will also bring difficulty to the injured foot rescue. Correct selection of the labor insurance shoes, to understand the first hit of labor insurance shoes technology requirements and matters needing attention. ( 1) Structure: by the steel in baotou, shoe pads in the head, upper, shoe, after the shoes tongue, mat, insole and outsole. ( 2) Appearance: the vamp can't appear different colour and lustre, jumper, bolt, pin code does not uniform, glue, puff skewed defects, etc. National implementation of the production license production labor insurance shoes. Abrasion resistance, outsole folding, shoes peel strength, compressibility and resistance to impact must be qualified, the safety of the shoes in baotou for AN1 level, it is mainly suitable for metallurgy, construction, forestry, port, loading and unloading, mining, machinery, petroleum chemical industry, etc. ( 3) Size: appropriate labor insurance shoes code number must be appropriate, wearing comfortable. ( 4) A variety of functions: labor insurance shoes should not only have the hit function, have prevent slippery effect, can avoid the accident caused by slip. ( 5) Safekeeping: labor insurance shoes after use shall be properly kept, to rinse and dry after use, to prolong service life.
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