How to correctly choose safety shoes insoles

by:BEF     2020-12-03
A: safety shoes insole material classification: foam EVA, rubber, silicone, ORTHOLITE foam and PU material. 1: foam EVA, lower cost, insoles without flexibility, easy to deformation, softness, easy to foot odor. 2: latex insoles: cost slightly higher than that of foam EVA. Insoles soft and elastic. 3: silica gel insoles: cost slightly higher than that of foam EVA. Insole softness, with some rigid, elastic good, will not deformation, use after a period of time is relatively easy to aging and fracture, sweat absorption performance is poor. 4: ORTHOLITE foam insole: the high cost. Good softness, elasticity, absorb sweat deodorization performance is very good, compressive deformation easily, in the case of insoles placed without will recover. 5: PU insoles: the highest cost. Good flexibility, good elasticity, sweat absorption performance is good, is not easy to deformation, movement damping performance is very good, both other functions, is a comprehensive performance is very good insole. 2: the definition of safety shoes insole softness and elasticity performance: 1: flexibility refers to the ease of insoles pressed up and down, rather than before and after the direction of the bending or crimp degree easily. Right way: put a insole in your hands, with another hand thumb and index finger grip the insole heel, hard pressed, the more likely it is to press down that the softness, the better, on the other hand is bad! 2: elastic refers to the compression of insoles restorable after the passage of time and the compressive strength, the faster the insoles restorable, better elasticity, compressive ability, the greater the elasticity, the more strong! Three: safety shoes, labor insurance shoes insole thickness choice: insole is not yue houyue good, correct the insole thickness depends on the size of safety shoes.
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