How to clean rubber shoes

by:BEF     2020-07-02

rubber sole is made of natural rubber or synthetic rubber production, because the rubber is a macromolecule compound, so the rubber shoes has high flexibility, high resistance to wear, can withstand repeated bending, stretching, compression and are not destroyed. Also has the acid and alkaline, so suitable to wear on rainy days. Most of the sports shoes on the market at present is adopted rubber soles. Like basketball shoes, football shoes, tennis shoes, etc. Because it is a strenuous exercise, so need to be highly wear-resistant rubber soles.

rubber soles easy ageing, so the rubber shoes need to be better maintenance and cleaning. Tool

1, soft rags 2, a small toothbrush

3, a bottle of vivek cleaner method

1, rubber shoes needs regular cleaning, vamp after dirty, wipe gently with soft dishcloth touchs water

2, if the sole is white rubber, dirty it is hard to clean, need to use a small toothbrush with cleaner brush gently, then wipe with dry cloth.

4, don't wear, insoles, shoes will be placed in dry ventilated place, is advantageous for the shoes send out heat, restorable.

5, when not in use for a long time, need to clean dry, stored in a dry place after the paper package. Attention

1, do not use a brush to brush, when cleaning do not use bleach.

2, avoid ooze water, sun and fire; After washing to avoid direct sunlight, side caused by aging, deformation, discoloration and fracture surface

3, to avoid sharp objects, chemical contact. Try to avoid extrusion, make shoes to keep the original state of deformation.

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