How to choose to suit your shoes? Debao bottom to teach you

by:BEF     2020-07-05

people wear shoes every day, but you are really the right fit for your shoes? In order to give her legs a comfortable space, to learn how to choose shoes. About how to choose a pair of comfortable, comfortable shoes, give her feet a comfortable environment? Debao system bottom small make up and summarize some 'choose shoes tips' for everyone, let people no longer worry about to choose shoes. Appropriate shoes do not need to 'running-in period', many people mistakenly believe that the new shoes are 'running-in period', 'response' to wear after a period of time. In fact, the quality is good and right after the new shoes to wear will be very comfortable. In general, fitted footwear don't instep, shoes before about the space of a thumb, front foot should have room for a certain swing and then with can't swing, heels and shoes don't feel the friction between bang. And everyone's feet are not the same size, when I try on shoes to give priority to with partial bigfoot comfort, must stand up and walk a few steps, see whether two shoes are response.

special foot type with special insoles general buy shoes is the easy foot type, but some people is flat feet or high arches of foot, the foot insoles to buy up the shoe and match up with exquisite. How do you know your foot type? Here is a simple test method: wet feet, printed on the paper. If it is flat feet, feet inside the small arch radian, the foot is almost on the ground while standing. High arches, on the other hand, arch radian is too high, it is difficult to close to the ground. Flat feet, should choose the sole has arch pad, heel harder shoes, or susceptible to plantar fasciitis; High arches of the people should choose softer or air cushion insoles, reduce the shock to the foot injury. The old man's shoes should be soft, with some with old people when picking shoe also is to have cultured very much, had better wear something soft belt with the shoes. The height of the heel to the ball above the sole 2 centimeters advisable. In addition to pay attention to the height of the heel, the sole of old people can be slightly bigger. In general, goosegrass bottom shoes is a good choice.

sports shoes is not suitable for all sports shoes sole elastic, can play a buffer action to run and jump. Some people think that, as long as the sole can wear not crack. In fact, some shoes on the surface without damage, depletion of soft rubber already, but the sole loss of protection. In addition, different sports should choose different shoes. Running is suitable for running shoes, shoe to buy a bigger size, to ensure the full stretch of foot; Stop playing tennis, because there are more, twisting, vamp should be thick, had better choose oxfords. Playing basketball is because of the large impact, jumping, upper requirements on the high side, to give better protect joints, reducing the chance of a sprained ankle and knee.
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