How to choose to suit oneself according to the labor insurance shoes labor insurance shoes?

by:BEF     2020-12-13
When we choose labor insurance shoes shoes often only focus on the appearance and function, often ignore the important sole material choice. material also have asked the university, some is not wear-resisting soles, some soles is poor water resistance and some shoes are poor damping and so on. Below to introduce the common ~ 1 sole materials, polyurethane floor ( PU) : a new kind of organic polymer materials, used in the manufacture of high-grade leather shoes, sports shoes, travel shoes, etc. Advantages: low density, light texture soft, good elasticity, wearing comfortable, oxidation resistance, shock absorption, prevent slippery shortcomings, such as: water imbibition is strong, water resistant 2, rubber soles, divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Advantages: supple, elastic good disadvantages: not wear-resisting, TPR bottom: one of the most common soles. Advantages: easy to shape, and comfortable, good adhesion, excellent low temperature resistance faults: material weight, wear resistance, folding, shock absorption ability is poor, poor permeability, EVA base: 4 vinyl acetate copolymer, polymer materials. Used to jog, walk, casual shoes, foot in the shoe bottom. Advantages: lightweight, flexible, good elasticity, not easily wrinkled disadvantages: easy to water absorption, not easy corrosion adverse environmental protection, easy to dirty, TPU bottom: thermoplastic polyurethane, a kind of new environmental protection material. Advantage: mechanical strength, good abrasion resistance, oil resistance, abrasion resistance is the most prominent, in particular, good appearance, easy high-grade faults: poor heat resistance, permeability, compressibility of labor insurance shoes in order to protect the toes, generally in the toe area will be built a bunt, if in a factory to work, must wear labor insurance shoes, even if this pair of shoes work may be uncomfortable, but the key to keep their feet!
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