How to choose the safety production begins with one step, labor insurance shoes?

by:BEF     2020-11-25
Production from the beginning, safety begins with one step from the feet to start! ! ! ! Protect the foot shall wear labor insurance shoes so the question to you really labor insurance shoes would you choose? A lot of procurement staff will ask the customer service & other; What kind of labor insurance shoes is better? ” “ We should use what kind of labor insurance shoes factory? ” Small make up teach you how to choose the labor insurance shoes today: first, the producer, it is very important to choose what kind of manufacturer is conscientious supplier, choose what kind of Chinese shoes manufacturers don't heart? 1, made of special labor protection articles certification & other; Work certification LA” 2, 3 obtained the QS industrial products production license, production is carried out in the provincial security bureau for the record 4, with excellent quality and good reputation in the second user, clear protective targets to choose the right shoes first, we should be determined according to the working environment of the hazard function of labor insurance shoes to have. 1, if there is a hard environment, rolling or falling object against danger, you need to shoes have protect toes function; 2, if there is a sharp objects pierced soles environment, you need to armor piercing function; 3, if you need to dissipate electrostatic accumulation, appliances or live parts of electric shock risk has not been eliminated, would require the anti-static function; 4, if the risk of electric shock, you need electric insulation function; By analogy, determine the choice of products with the required functionality. Third, rational choose the type and style according to the need of labor insurance shoes to choose the kinds of labor insurance shoes: type I ( Leather shoes) ; Class II ( All full of rubber or full polymeric material) According to the need to choose style of Chinese shoes: A minus Low help shoes; B - Tall waist boots; C - Half boots; D - High boots; E- Boots fourth, environmental and safety requirements according to the environmental and safety requirements of labor insurance shoes are choices: 1, working environment, the dust is more, at the same time there is a slight spillage of water, oil, recommend the use of labor insurance shoes vamp for leather; 2, a small amount of dust and working environment of slight spillage of water, you can use the labor protection shoes vamp for water proof fabric; 3, work environment, dust, oil and water splash are small, you can use for surface for fur labor insurance shoes; 4, the ground is dry, or the occasional small amount of water, oil, can use pu sole labor insurance shoes; 5, labor insurance shoes soles need long time to contact with water, or in 120 & deg; Contact temperatures above the ground, it is recommended to use rubber sole labor insurance shoes or boots; 6, at the same time need to smash puncture proof proof and the demand of the electric insulation, from the perspective of more secure, can choose labor insurance shoes, not of metal.
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