How to choose the high quality of EVA sole products?

by:BEF     2020-06-28

we want to be sure first hole EVA sole product performance standards, heat preservation and heat insulation heat preservation material is EVA sole products unique features, this also is a kind of common, if want to further choose will according to the application range of the customer to choose, can from the data of thermal conductivity of EVA sole products, EVA shoe material composition and EVA sole products measured degree of refractory, below is about the EVA sole products, Sponge insulation board) Features introduced:

EVA sole products the main features of the sponge is depends on the EVA sole products of its own structure, because EVA sole products is also a kind of closed foam sponge structure, so the EVA sponge soles products has the characteristics of low thermal conductivity. EVA sole products can also be blocking water vapor by sponge, with low water absorption. High flexible is also an advantage of EVA sponge sole products, in use can be quickly installed, save a lot of manpower material resources, so the EVA sponge soles products is a good green environmental protection material.

EVA sole products sponge rubber insulation board surface looks neat and clean, with good decoration effect. EVA sole products sponge rubber sponge insulation board is in commonly - the use of temperature Between 40 ℃ and 120 ℃, EVA sponge soles products are sell well is the biggest characteristic of its economic and durable, plus some focused on the characteristics of the products is EVA sole sponge hot important reasons.

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