How to choose the electrical insulation shoes?

by:BEF     2020-12-08
Electrician is refers to is engaged in the electric power production and electrical manufacturing electrical maintenance, construction and installation industry and other industrial production system ( Type of work) 。 Electrical insulating shoes belong to labor insurance supplies. In recent years, the electrician caused by improper operation and protection measures were in place and frequent safety accidents, these events tell us to wear qualified electrician operations must be insulated shoes, because it can effectively reduce the risk of electric shock, is a kind of electrical operation safety guarantee measures. New safety shoes industry standard explicitly pointed out: the experiment voltage up to 15 kv electric insulation resistance and electric insulation cloth shoes, leather shoes application in power frequency ( 50 - 60 f) Below 1000 v in the working environment, more than 5 kv test the city electrical insulating rubber, applies to more than 1000 v power frequency operation environment. Ordinary electrical wear shoes with low voltage insulation general requirements of insulating 6 kv. For general safety shoes have basic hit and puncture proof function, prevention of steel head of the European standard for can resist 200 joule shock or bear 1500 Newton's static pressure; European standard is to prevent puncture of the steel, extra capacity of 1100 n, winding resistance at the same time more than forty thousand times. After buying electrical insulated shoes, its maintenance methods cannot be ignored. Insulation is unfavorable in rainy day wear shoes, more should not be washed, otherwise easy to break, degumming, decoloring, florescence wait for a phenomenon. And insulated shoes with oil, acid, alkaline, and no sharp substances such as contact, to prevent corrosion, deformation, damage and safety shoes in the store should be put in ventilated dry place.
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