How to choose the badminton shoes?

by:BEF     2020-06-30

choose badminton shoes we need to pay attention to two points: one is to choose according to the badminton venue badminton shoes; Second is to choose badminton shoes according to function.

choose according to the badminton venue sneakers

current badminton venue main points and plastic floor, wooden floor, cement floor, such as three categories, in case of fall of a cement floor happens, often than wood and plastic surfaces is serious, so don't fit as the venue. In the choice of badminton shoes, generally pay attention to the people for the venue and wear proper badminton shoes, badminton shoes soles are mostly by synthetic rubber or synthetic rubber, rubber soles for grip strength therefore suitable for wooden court, therefore there are those volleyball shoes can use when feather row two shoes. But different brand badminton soles and because of the production process, the proportion of raw rubber powder doped with too much make badminton sole is hard, and soon play badminton sole doesn't wear will be very slippery, so must be carefully when buy so as not to waste money.

artificial rubber soles of badminton are hard and soft bottom, the bottom of the hard just like the tennis shoes suitable cement or grinding stones, soft bottom is designed to make plastic field, no matter what kind of, wear the badminton shoes is the heaviest if want to have to wear a professional badminton playing the idea, is in an indoor play badminton shoes to wear, can play dirty way can avoid the badminton shoes, and to avoid sole dusty and slippery, so it can prolong the service life of the badminton shoes.

choose according to the function of the badminton shoes sneakers

1) badminton shoes primary can be badminton sole skid resistance

in the badminton sport, the pitch movement process is very important. In the process of ball especially quick save, test shoes are the most slippery ability, it involves the pace of athletes during the process of catching and sudden burst of speed to slow down. Both concrete and rubber field, sports shoes in the process of antiskid ability is very important, don't skid shoes are likely to cause foot sprain. Better is more common is made of EVA material and antiskid rubber soles.

2. Badminton shoe cushioning, delay impact performance

requiring for shoes shock is often jump shot and moved frequently. The whole body jump shot after landing, if the shoes have the effect of shock absorption, the foot, will have a better cushion of protection.

badminton shoes (size of the size of the critical size, size will directly affect the foot comfort, whether blister easily and toes congestion and other issues. When choosing shoes, shoes don't choose too short, to the front of the foot - — Leave a suitable vacancy toes. Because in suddenly catch especially to meet the net ball in the net to slow down from the back of that moment, the feet of the front end is easy to congestion, reserved the right space to help foot the front end of the buffer. At the same time, in order to avoid the sideslip sprain, choose as far as possible the side of the shoes is tight. In general, choose the size of the badminton shoes when you need to follow the principle of 'loose side close before'.

4. Lightweight and breathable

there is no doubt that, under the same condition of shoes, the more light, it will be better for you in the running of the pitch, the moving speed will greatly improve. On the pace of the frequent mobile inevitably results in a temperature rise in the shoes, has good permeability shoes can timely cooling, at the same time it also makes the inside of the shoes is not so easy to breed bacteria.

5. Badminton shoes wear

after badminton marked characteristics of gait right, his left foot, The right hand habit) Before the inside due to drag more, wear a special. So professional badminton shoes should have special design in this area. Few yuan before where a piece of canvas shoes is to add a piece of rubber.

6. The protection of arch

badminton exercise intensity is very large, if the sole strength is not enough, it is easy to damage, and will cause harm to the arch. Professional badminton shoes foot arch parts before and after the connection is usually have the design of the stiffener, in addition to the strength of the shoe, protect the foot arch, stability to enhance the motion of the shoes.

7) price on the market 'popular' a lot of imitation badminton shoes, if you follow the above advice on how to choose shoes, suggest to buy authentic goods, general quality goods the badminton shoes and high imitation goods price is 200 - 400 yuan. Imitation shoes not only shoddy workmanship, the quality is not guaranteed, wear to the foot feels far too. Therefore, from the foot feels the quality, and other aspects, it is strongly recommended that the badminton shoes store to buy the real thing.

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