How to choose breathable safety shoes in summer?

by:BEF     2020-12-12
Sorching summer, wear heavy labor insurance shoes work really is a test, so now the market introduced a permeability labor insurance shoes, feet can let users enjoy the safety protection, and not too hot. How to choose the air safety shoes? 1, the material is well known, the permeability of leather are much better than leather, so safety shoes is best choice leather material, wear comfortable breathe freely. Many safety shoes in order to ensure the permeability, adding in the upper part of nylon mesh, for fear of hot friend also is right choice. 2, air holes, permeability is good safety shoes will air holes on the side design, does not affect the protection, and convenient. Needing those who remind everybody is here, a lot of people in order to breathe freely to punch on safety shoes, that could damage the structure of the safety shoes to impact protection performance, especially for safety shoes can withstand oil, acid and alkali resistant. 3, in the line of ventilation safety shoes lining and insole had better choose breathable absorbent material, such as polyamide, breathable and comfortable.
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