How to choose a cost-effective labor insurance shoes

by:BEF     2020-11-27
In recent years, with the constant improvement of the people safety awareness, and capitalize on the market and all kinds of labor insurance supplies, labor insurance shoes naturally became the darling of the labor insurance products, so the question comes, what kind of labor insurance shoes worthy of our trust, why labor insurance shoes on the market the price gap so big? Is expensive to be good? How do we choose a pair of suits own labor insurance shoes, here small make up will give you tao says, consumers are often come into contact with the production technology of labor insurance shoes mainly divided into two kinds: injection and cold glue two kinds big. Injection molding is introduced, and the federal injection molding machine production of shoes, the vamp on the aluminum here after, directly by the rotary machine injection molding PU ( Chemical name polyurethane) The sole material, one-time formation. Advantages: as the mainly is the machine do if production price will be cheaper, volume is small, vice versa. Disadvantages: if the design is more and less quantity, in the mold is very troublesome, shoes to finalize the design difficulty, no cold sticky shoes do manual work is delicate, so generally suitable for sole style single orders. Cement is people often say that hand-made shoes, Italy, Spain those famous brand shoes belong to this class. Are generally cold sticky lines processing, cold sticky soles are generally provided by specifically responsible for the production of soles factory. Practice is the vamp use plastic here and sole together with glue. Advantages: fine workmanship, it is better to make shoes. Weakness: the daily output is small, the price is higher, generally more than medium-sized factory to form scale. Difference method, the difference between cement and injection shoes are one of the most obvious feature is the sole seams and the vamp, cold sticky labor insurance shoes the whole circle of 360 degrees have cars line, general materials are natural rubber outsole, relatively heavy antiskid performance is good, oil resistant stronger resistance to acid and alkali, and injection shoes is the end of the PU, more portable, but it can't bubble water, suitable for the working environment a cleaner place. After small make up is introduced the production process, when you choose a good pair of labor insurance shoes, you can determine the priority selected labor insurance shoes is to belong to what kind of production process.
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