How to build Chinese shoes industry user experience?

by:BEF     2020-11-30
No user experience of labor insurance shoes must have everyone don't want, so how to build Chinese shoes industry user experience? Below small make up for all action: the first is the material permeability: in a warmer climate environment, labor insurance shoes need the fabrics of permeability is good, it can take away moisture inside, can make the feet dry and comfortable. The second is the soles: when it comes to labor insurance shoes is comfortable, the bottom material and shoes foot is different. Such as labor insurance shoes bottom material can produce extra cushioning, USES the latest technology of the memory foam material, etc. To reduce the fatigue of the foot. Three recruit is safety and comfortable: choose labor insurance shoes should see its safety performance, stability, and wearing comfort. In today's labor insurance shoes production into the production of the traditional technology and new technology, they are both important in the production of safety footwear. The quality of the labor insurance shoes, which is determined by using the fine material and structure, which can prolong the service life of the shoes. Work and the choice of raw material determines the quality of labor insurance shoes, labor insurance shoes standard in our country from the 90 s, in 2007 changed the old production, testing standard, set the new standard, designed to protect workers' occupational health and safety. Labor insurance shoes at present in China can be roughly divided into: protect the toes labor insurance shoes, extra labor insurance shoes, electric insulation, antistatic labor insurance shoes, acidproof alkali. Labor insurance shoes soles commonly used materials of polyurethane, plastic composite molding soles, EVA + rubber and natural rubber soles, etc. , need according to its different function to choose the appropriate materials, in particular to soles with special functions. In order to improve the soles, wear resistance, sometimes these materials can be combined to use each other. Neri materials mainly leather inside and BK cloth neri, leather lining is more breathable than BK cloth inside absorb sweat resistant, etc.
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