How parents should give their children choose rubber sole shoes?

by:BEF     2020-06-26

children are in the body development period, resistance to chemicals is very low, so the rubber sole children shoes made of environmental material first, ensure that non-toxic harmless; Secondly, children's shoes should also adapt to the rule of children's growth and development, promote the development of children's bow, help children to form a good habit of walking. 。

shoes excessive amounts of chemicals testing required for professional organizations, but parents also have a very simple method to identify smell shoes have peculiar smell, if there is a obvious pungent smell, don't buy it.

folding. An average of about the soles, if not in front of the soles of shoes just described a third of the bending part failure. Sole bending pressure should be correctly is one of our three points in the ball technology, to ensure that the soles, qu cubical foot with the baby scratch line, can effectively guide the other children to walk properly.

device twice. Use both hands hold the heel, cover up front. 。 If there is no hardness, suggests that shoes failed. Header part of the front of the shoe, also need enough hardness, to prevent scratch, kicking, toe injury.

three twist. Hands to wring their shoes, if no shoes too prone to deformation, explain its shoes is unqualified. Normal shoes must be stable enough to regulate children the right way to walk. If it is too easy to deformation, easy to walk, a sprained foot, children to walk or get into bad habits.

according to four. Reaches to the front of the shoe for internal parts, according to a press, if we find too soft, explain its shoes quality is not qualified. Before hand insoles cannot too soft, too soft insoles, can lead to less than a foot of neural induction children, in the process of walking, we should cultivate the forefoot, toes grip of children and promote the development of arch, plantar nerve, brain normal neural development.

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