How much do you need to open a sole mold factory?

by:BEF     2020-11-21

a good mold shop opened or not basically see your personal ability, rather than the industry to make money not to make money, some industry is making money, but due to technical or other reasons so that they can't make money. According to the open mold shop, I think the most important is to look at the personal skills, personal skills well, may have business nature.

you need to start a soles mold factory: a rubber mixing machine, vulcanizing machine, several processing some mould, saddled raw material is ok, how much investment depends on your production needs.

if you'd like to open a soles mold factory, small mould factory ( Shop) Required equipment with ordinary lathe 2 ( The new 70000 yuan) , CNC wire-cutting 1 ( The new 50000). , and a universal tool milling machine ( The new 60000 yuan) Two bench drill ( New 0. 40000). , all kinds of auxiliary facilities and tools and measuring tool is about 0. 50000, working capital ( Including purchase of raw materials, outsourcing parts processing, management, personnel salary, etc. ) 20000 yuan. Heat treatment and all kinds of grinding can spare parts processing. A total of about 210000 or so, if I buy second-hand equipment can save about 50% of the investment of equipment, but increase the maintenance cost.

the required personnel: 2 Turner, wire-cutting 1 1, millers, fitter 1 2 people, technical personnel and management personnel 1 1 person, the salesman, mechanic hiring part-time workers.

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