How much do you know about labor protection safety shoes has exquisite packaging

by:BEF     2020-11-29
A good pair of safety shoes in transit, and need to be packaging, you don't look down upon the packaging of safety shoes, small packaging has asked size, introduce below small make up will give you one by one: a, can prevent deformation in shoe material and work, also can do change the paper in the shoes. Second, the moisture is the most common way is to put moistureproof agent ( Desiccant) 。 The dryer on the market is also a wide range of footwear industry mainly include silica gel desiccant, activated carbon, clay, mineral desiccant, biochemical desiccant, mildew antibacterial package. Silica gel desiccant price is lower, but the initiative moisture absorption, passive moisture absorption ability is poor, the saturation is not big, the moisture sealing effect is larger with the size of the space. Activated carbon, can have the effect of moisture and deodorization, moistureproof ability general, clay, mineral desiccant moistureproof ability is ordinary silica gel 1. Five times, the price is relatively low. Biochemical desiccant is in clay mineral desiccant based on increasing chemical principle, moistureproof ability can reach more than 2 times. Mildew antibacterial package is better nice improvement on original products and biochemical desiccant, increased the mildew antibacterial, deodorant, and other functions. Three, mouldproof shoes mouldproof also there are several ways. 1. Put a desiccant. 2. Injection mould. 3. Mouldproof patch. 4. Package mouldproof wrapping paper. 5. Set of mouldproof just as well a bag. Put the desiccant is strongly influenced by time and environment, mildew-proof ability the lowest in the above several methods. Spray fungicide, mouldproof effect is good, but sometimes because of uneven spraying, non-standard operation, packing and so on without drying ability appear mildew is not ideal. Mouldproof piece of effect is more apparent, but influenced by storage space, in a relatively closed space is valid, poor impermeability of basic is invalid. Package is mouldproof wrapping paper to replace the original package paper with mildew proof ability of paper, and its basic and mouldproof effect spray fungicide, won't appear the phenomenon of drying was into the box. Set of mouldproof non-woven bag is packing paper for non-woven bags, its similar mouldproof effect and function to the wrapping paper. Four, anti-fouling dirty white, a pair of shoes is not only affected the aesthetics, even value goes down, it's a loss for shoe factory. Antifouling method can have the following kinds: one is material handling, the cost is larger, the second is sprayed waterproofing agent on the shoe, can prevent stains caused by air condensate, the third is the package paper, the fourth is the set of non-woven bag. Five, deodorizes the causes of odor are: 1. Shoe materials, and the dye, glue, rubber, etc. 2. Microbial growth process of evil spirit, stink. 3. Individual mouldproof patch of special flavor. Can use activated carbon, mothproof, mildew antibacterial package, spray deodorant, flavor agent, etc. Understand the importance of the above safety shoes packaging, packaging won't feel safety shoes is how humble, shoes also has its important role of non-woven bag, good safety shoes match the nature and the packing also is to have cultured very much.
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