How long should replace a safety shoes?

by:BEF     2020-12-08
Safety shoes are special shoes with the function of protection, it can protect workers from all kinds of risk factors in the process of production, the main protection possible foot ( Foot, toes, and foot) Damage and other damage. Safety shoes according to the function can be divided into: protect the toes safety shoes, safety shoes inside steel baotou, anti-static shoes, conductive shoes, electric insulation, oil resistant protective shoes, heat resistant shoes, etc. In terms of national standards, in line with the corrosion resistant safety shoes national standard of qualified products, the state compulsory execution 3 packets of policy, broken, cross section, glue replacement return after three months. Actual operation, the corrosion resistance of labor insurance shoes use period basically see the work of safety shoes use environment, users use state, good environment using strength low wear can be the one to three years. Environments, such as chemical plants, electroplating plants, because of the strong causticity almost three months. So change the basic safety shoes and there is no hard and fast rules. The main consideration: safety, comfort, quality. According to different purposes, the factory actual situation choice in purchasing safety shoes, cheap - 40 80 / double, but material is almost leather, wax appearance looks beautiful, but in less than two months, basic don't like safety shoes, so suggest not to buy too cheap safety shoes; 100 - 200 price range is the mainstream of the market usually have national inspection certificate, insurance company accept insurance. Safe and reliable, don't put employee safety as for a cheap price.
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