How long should I use the extra safety shoes?

by:BEF     2020-12-10
Extra safety shoes is a multi-function safety shoes, can be applied to different bad environment, to protect the safety of their own. When choosing puncture proof safety shoes, besides choosing the appropriate type according to the operation conditions, carefully choose the right shoe number, ensure comfortable to wear. In order to let it be better to choose and use of safety shoes, here we introduce some puncture proof the use of safety shoes deadline: 1, the national standard of qualified products meet safety shoes, countries enforce 3 packets of policy, broken, cross section, chip after three months exchange guaranteed return; 2, in the course of actual use, safety shoes use period basically see the work environment, some environment using low strength of safety shoes, can usually wear one to three years; 3, some conditions, such as chemical plants, electroplating workshop, because the work environment strong causticity, so use period is usually about three months.
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