How long is the validity of the insulation shoes? How long does it take to replace?

by:BEF     2020-12-07
For electrical workers, insulating gloves, insulated shoes are necessary safety armor, the premise is armor is still in the period of validity, beyond the period of validity of security armor will continue to use increase the risk of electric shock. According to the regulations of the safety shoes use, electrical insulating shoes from 18 months after the period of validity for use, of course, this is not in use, if in use process, that is valid for 6 months. Details visible the intensity of labor and reasonable using the environment, and regular preventive test, the best once every 3 months testing resistance, resistance to voltage and leakage current if required, may continue to use. At any time and in use process must focus on insulating shoes whether have damage, damage should be replaced immediately. Electrical insulating shoes are usually divided into 5 kv low-voltage insulation and 10 kv high-voltage insulation, should according to the working environment to choose suitable insulated shoes, high voltage insulation shoe can be used in low pressure and high pressure environment, but within the scope specified by low voltage insulation shoes can only be used for low pressure environment. Specific can consult use insulated shoes the note. When we buy shoes insulation, should check whether the insulation permanent identity, whether to have technical appraisement, soles resistance voltage grade, etc.
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