How long a pair of labor insurance shoes can wear?

by:BEF     2020-12-10
Recently there are many clients are asking a pair of labor insurance shoes specifically how long you can wear, the service life of it is depends, general plant is one in half a year, but the provisions of the state labor insurance shoes, is three months one time inspection cycle, but I'm afraid not, will perform the actual work basically use one year is more reasonable. Because of many factors influencing the service life of the labor insurance shoes, in terms of national standard, conform to the national standard of qualified products, Chinese shoes countries enforce 3 packets of policy, broken, cross section, chip after three months exchange guaranteed return; Practice, the use of labor insurance shoes is basically see their work environment, users use state, environment is good, low intensity of use can be worn for one to three years. Environments, such as chemical plants, electroplating plants, because of the strong causticity almost three months. So change the basic labor insurance shoes and there is no hard and fast rules. The main consideration: safety, comfort, quality. According to different purposes, the factory should choose according to actual situation when purchasing labor insurance shoes.
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