How in the polyester production process to cut cloth to reduce the possibility of the ball?

by:BEF     2020-07-21
In our work, in the choice of uniform fabrics, for polyester cut the choice of cloth is very normal, the application range of polyester fabric is very broad. Maybe someone will ask will polyester fabrics pilling? How should prevent polyester fabrics pilling? Small make up today and everybody study together to prevent polyester cut cloth fabric pilling prevention methods. 1, when blended, overalls order try to choose in the yarn and fabric production process is not easy pilling fiber types, so that it can effectively prevent the fabric pilling. 2, in jet dyeing machine during pretreatment and dyeing, add lubricant, in order to prevent friction, reduce the chance of fabric pilling. 3, to polyester and polyester fiber and cellulose fiber blended fabric, the partial components of polyester alkali decrement operation, which can decrease the strength of polyester fiber, even in the fabrics is generated on the surface of the ball, also can make the ball easy to remove. Will in fact about the uniform polyester fabrics used the ball this problem, it is basically got the right answer. Polyester cut cloth fabric, with its outstanding performance was welcomed by the consumers, although sometimes the ball, also is not absolute can't change the phenomenon, so, we can fully play the advantages of the polyester fabrics, learn from each other, and secondly also can take advantage in practice, bring us convenience and security.
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