How Eva sole processing?

by:BEF     2020-06-30

Eva sole processing multimode, common are as follows: 1.

Going out with big foam and open a blunt knife board, through the combination with rubber plate or something.

2。 ( Secondary MD) With this small issue PI mould foaming machine, swept the skin off with roughing machine, repass hydraulic press machine heating and cooling.

3。 ( An MD) With a injection molding machine, EVA material in direct injection, and again after finishing processing, such as after a period of trimming line. The edge of the first big foam, there will be a flat blunt knife trace, mean that the edge is not straight, do the soles of shoes of this style have limitations. Said the second small foam, equal to, it is pour the EVA material into a good small foam die, after high temperature foaming expansion of a certain size billet mold, and the little foaming billet mold inside their second mould heating and cooling, the stability is very strong, but the yield is low. The sole general to high grade, the surface pattern can be very good.

third, pour the EVA material feeding bucket by high temperature to form a liquid, injection into a mold, and after cooling to finalize the design. The shoes made to the length of the size is not stable, the commonly used some rubbish shoes foreign orders. Of course the price also relatively second cheap.

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