How EVA sole deodorant?

by:BEF     2020-06-25

EVA sole itself is not smelly, no smell, but with the passage of time, the wear wear time is too long or temperatures and sole which will cause mould and bacteria, or if it is in a cool, damp places, these bacteria can multiply, produce a lot of alcohol and lipid, and this is the main reason for the EVA sole stunk.

sole stunk and used in the user is have very big concern, although the smell of the influence of the human body is not very big, but very affect users in the mood. Next, how to share some deodorant?

1, put shoes in the basin, pour into white vinegar soles, also can be used instead of salt water, soak for 10 minutes after rinse off with clear water, drying in the sun.

2, use detergent or a detergent for cleaning, will put shoes which soak for 10 minutes, then rinse off with clear water, in this way, can the sterilization in addition to taste.

3, if you have any spare activated carbon or home snacks moistureproof package inside, can also be used to used as flavor agent, put it inside the shoes, because of activated carbon adsorption function of taste, after a period of time, no more smelly shoes.

the above is to share with you about the sole stinking some processing small coup, everyone can be used as a reference, hope I can help to you.

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