How can the antistatic effect best?

by:BEF     2020-07-24
How to antistatic methods, I believe everyone to listen to a lot of, but also do a lot of! But how this is a little bit and we imagine antistatic effect, and product fraction defective is only slightly floating? Began to have a little doubt life? In fact! Everyone's methods are not wrong, just use method has difference, so, how to do it to the antistatic effect best? First of all, should be the most basic grounding, will some anti-static products or other devices connected to a line, is used to discharge can gather charge on the conductor, the conductor accumulation of static electricity, such as the body usually use grounding method to guide, can lead to the following method to implement. 1, the human body through the wrist 2, the human body from the ground through the anti-static shoes ( The role of the bottom in the antistatic) And anti-static floor earthed. 3, working mesa grounded. 4, test equipment, tool holder, soldering iron grounding. 5, anti-static floor, floor mat grounded. 6, anti-static transit car box, frame ground as soon as possible. 7, prevent static grounding electric chair. 。 Also can use from the air pressure gun, main effect is on the static eliminator generated a lot of positive and negative ions, and then through brings these ions to there is static, static electricity will attract the opposite polarity of ion and neutralise, accumulate in the product or equipment on the surface of the electrostatic elimination by neutralization. Or use electrostatic eliminating agent, can quickly eliminate the static electricity on the surface of the object, antistatic agent to oil as raw material, mainly the quaternary ammonium salt, its role is to make the chemical fiber, rubber, plastic surface adsorption of moisture in the air, increase the conductivity. In addition to the above, the two kinds of commonly used electrostatic shielding bag and anti-static turnover box as protection, electrostatic sensitive element in the process of storage or transportation will be exposed to have the area of electrostatic, use the method of electrostatic shielding can weaken the electrostatic effect on electronic components. Finally, and most easily overlooked, but equally important anti-static condition, is the humidity in the air. When the humidity of the air - in 65 More than 70%, the surface will form a layer of very thin water film. This layer of water film can dissolve CO2 in the air, let the surface resistivity is reduced greatly, the static charges is not easy to accumulate. When the humidity of the air in the 40 - 50%, the electrostatic dissipation not easily, can form high potential. So, it is very important to keep moisture in the air of anti-static operation!
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