How can choose to fit your foot shape of dongguan extra safety shoes to wear cloth?

by:BEF     2020-07-17
Looks the same foot, careful observation you will find that there are subtle, such as the length of the toe, the width of the foot and so on, almost can make your feet comfortable greatly. Is the so-called, foot type corresponding to the different type shoes, choose wrong, feet suffer. So in dongguan puncture-proof wear cloth in the choice of safety shoes, the masses of shoes and how to choose? Don't worry, let small make up teach you two! First choose shoes is critical time, preferably from 3 to 6 PM, compared to the morning, morning, feet slightly expanded, if this time of the selected size appropriate, rest of the day will be suitable. Another try on shoes, it is best to try two feet together, because about two feet it is difficult to exactly the same. Toes and not too close to the top of the shoe distance, between the top of the head and the longest toe shoes should have a finger's width, have, let toes can and should be close to the heel, don't slip, can be put on socks, fasten shoelaces walking or jogging steps, try whether comfortable, in the end, don't bite the bullet, not feet can't wear shoes. Now, you know how to choose the dongguan puncture-proof safety shoes to wear cloth?
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