How can Chinese shoes clean?

by:BEF     2020-07-28
Clean labor insurance shoes wearing the shoes will give presents a more spiritual state, but if they are wearing a pair of this piece of stain, where a stain of shoes, even can also deformation inside and puncture-proof cloth, such a condition, not only shoes up less than the protection, also can't give to yourself a full state of mind. Therefore, labor insurance shoes clean appear is important, first of all, with a large brush gently brush shoes as a whole, look at the shoes along the protruding part of the presence of infected with dirt, and then along the shoe or seams to concave and convex part, with a little brush away dirt fine dust, loosen the LACES, with a little brush clean dirt from the outside is not easy to see, squeeze a little clean oil on the cloth, covered the whole shoes, then will remain in old shoes shoe polish thoroughly clean, again with a clean piece of cloth with a little shoe polish, covered the whole shoes. Shoe polish with the shoes, and then with a clean soft cloth to polish the whole shoe, detail cannot careless, shoe should be carefully wipe in earnest. Final coating waterproof fog, prevent water invasion, at the same time also can have the effect of not easily infected with dirt. After being waterproof dry fog, and then use shoe tree protection shoes, such as clean way, not only clean the labor insurance shoes, also prolong the service life of the puncture proof cloth.
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