Hit in baotou steel compared with composite material, which one is better?

by:BEF     2020-12-09
In the process of wearing safety shoes, hit a steel baotou provide that protection within the wear in shoes on feet, can let the user to provide protection to avoid damage to the toes when walking carelessly, and prevent the weight a bruised foot. But as a result of safety shoes in baotou steel material is cast iron, easily affected by moisture and corrosion, in order to solve the corrosion problems, later changed material by stainless steel, however, because of the forming high degree of difficulty of the stainless steel itself, can appear sometimes have weight impact wear comfortable. Composite toe cap is made from non-metallic materials, such as carbon fiber, plastic, etc. So what is the difference between composite materials and the hit a steel baotou? Both can protect the feet, can avoid the injury or wound in the work, that for the workers, and there is no absolute difference, prevent hit in baotou steel and composite material can be wrapped around the feet, and when purchasing choices, different price offer unique performance gains. In some fields, hit a steel baotou is the job requirement, force, and in other areas, sometimes can't use metal toe, some cases need to pass through the metal detector, if so, you need a pair of safety shoes composite material. Anyhow, prevent hit in baotou steel and composite material, both cannot be an introduction to.
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