Hit a stonecutter is the professional need to wear safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-04
Hit a stonecutter is often the type of work of dealing with a stone, their daily assignments through cutting, molding, grinding, machining, polishing, part removal methods, such as the stone prototype processing into many pieces, to build the required size, pattern and degree. Generally use talent and mechanical work tools, used in construction, decoration, statues and other similar purposes. Hit a stonecutter general operation scene is complicated, so they wear specific functions of safety shoes can effective foot health protection, guarantee the safe operation. Hit a stonemason at work often involves risk has the following categories: fall from a height or the scaffolding collapsed, fall; The eyes stone fragments cause eye injury; Stone cutting and processing of large noise induced hearing loss; When transporting heavy overwork and incorrect posture cause back pain and other bone problems and so on. Work in order to reduce the harm, they should be plenty of labor protection, such as in a hit function of safety shoes, and puncture-proof safety shoes, prevent slippery wear-resisting safety shoes and so on. When harmful dust homework, all the workers must use personal protective equipment of respiratory and eye protection. All face must also be safe, appropriate to prevent collapse or workers and object falls from above. Work surfaces must be backed by a security fence to ensure stable and good conditions. In the ladder work, shall ensure that the ladder safety place. For mobile and carrying heavy objects, as well as in the use of lifting auxiliary machinery, workers must be taught to use the right technology, the process workers can also wear prevention safety shoes for labor protection. In addition, the masons also shall be in accordance with the relevant regulations, consciously get into the habit of correctly wear labor insurance supplies, labor protection best actively, serious and careful work, reduce the harm to the accident.
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