Hit a steel baotou safety performance is decided by what criteria?

by:BEF     2020-07-22
Labor protection articles is laborer in the process of production to avoid or reduce accident injuries and occupational hazards, men wear ( Page) What I wear. Ago, domestic enterprises will manage some ordinary commodities are also included in the labor protection articles, commonly known as labor insurance. Later, with the development of the international brands to enter and the domestic market, the personage inside course of study to the definition of labor protection products increasingly international on the concept of 'security'. Hit a steel baotou as a kind of safety shoes head accessories, can effectively protect the toes from external impact or static damage. Then its safety performance is how to set down? : 1, resistant to pressure from the top of the shoe in baotou after 25 mm ( For 3 mm, base cutting, the error is shown in value ( 1% of the pressure testing machine platform. In the top of the shoe in the 35 mm high, 22 mm diameter play dough cylinders. Then five mm1min ( 2分钟/分钟) The speed of applying force to the force required for 1 min, to restore power to zero again. Squeezed out of silly putty, measured with calipers height, with the lowest measured value is real value. Its value should comply with the rules. 2, resistance to impact, with a puff of toe and cylindrical plasticine under impact machine, fixed well checked the top of the shoe, improve the impact hammer ( 23kg( 0. 2kg) ) To the required height and free fall impact the top of the shoe. Remove the plasticine measured with a caliper, its value should conform to the rules. 3, in baotou, resistance to pressure and impact resistant performance requirements, test methods and the top of the shoe test methods are the same, but after test spacing should be no less than 22 mm deformation of baotou in 4, puff of corrosion requirements: due to reasons such as foot sweat and moisture corrosion in baotou, and affect the quality of the shoes, so in baotou should have corrosion resistance, requirement is two white filter ( 100 m wide, 150 m long) Immersed in 1% NaC1 solution in the end the other end is on the top and bottom of the puff on, remove the filter paper after 48 hours, check for signs of corrosion NaC1 solution in baotou, measuring the area of each blob ( mm2) For corrosion spots must not exceed 5 points, and each class shall not be greater than 2. 5 just in case was hit in baotou steel sample check, for example, 1 inspection appearance quality, corrosion resistance, Within the limit of metal baotou) , compression resistance and impact resistance, etc, the compression resistance and impact resistance must conform to the requirements, other items allow unqualified less than an otherwise as nonconforming product. As you can see, in Europe, America, Japan the PPE in safety performance, are more scientific and advanced technology, ergonomics, etc, some domestic PP production enterprises in the national standard, on the basis of most will give attention to both Europe and the United States or Japan standard, in the process of establishing the PPE national standard in China also makes reference to other countries the PPE standards adopt international standards or equivalent. So we will see a lot of PPE enterprise in the market emphasize conform to the standard, American standard, Japanese standard of certain performance.
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