Hit a safety shoes use and maintenance method

by:BEF     2020-12-07
The correct use and maintenance method, to ensure and hit a safety shoes play their functions, and to maintain the user's foot health, so more attention must be paid to the following matters: 1. Shall not modify the smashing the structure of the safety shoes. 2. Dressed in proper size on safety shoes, help to keep the feet of the person that wear durability of health and shoes. 3. Pay attention to personal hygiene, the user should keep the feet and shoes clean and dry. 4. Regular cleaning up safety shoes, but should not adopt solvent cleaner. In addition, the soles also shall be regularly swept to avoid accumulation of dirt, as the soles conductive or antistatic performance will be affected by how much adhesive contaminants and flex effect. 5. Stored up prevention safety shoes in a cool, dry and ventilated place. To mention all of you in the end, & other; Personal protective equipment & throughout; Some of the attention rules: 1. Should not be used for replacing the main control method to deal with the labor in the solution of the danger. 2. Use of personal protective equipment must conform to the standards of design and appropriate to the work need. 3. Besides the appropriate choice of the correct use and maintenance of the function of safety shoes are equally important.
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