High voltage power tower operation personnel safety protection points

by:BEF     2020-11-28
All homework in high voltage electric tower scaffolder, must by the professional security technology training, exam, a special operation operation card mount guard. Workers in operation practice, must be led by skilled technicians, under the guidance of operation, a scaffolder alone would not be allowed to work without permission. Proper use of personal protective equipment, must dress spirit tight tight sleeves, when working on high more than 2 m, must wear your seat belt, hanging bar in mind, with has a good wear antiskid safety insulated shoes. Specific to wear when using insulated shoes need to pay attention to the following: 1. Voltage levels should be based on work sites and choose correct insulated shoes, low voltage insulation shoes ban on high voltage electric equipment used as auxiliary appliance safety, high voltage insulation shoes can be used as a high voltage and low voltage electrical equipment in auxiliary and safe appliance is used. But whether wear shoes with low voltage or high voltage insulation shall not directly contact with the hand electrical equipment. 2. Insulation cloth shoes can only be used in the dry environment, avoid damp cloth. 3. Wear insulated shoes, trousers should be set into the boots within the cylinder. When wearing insulated shoes, trousers shoulds not be long and soles welt height, more can't long and ground, keep the cloth to dry. 4. The acid and alkali resistant oil rubber soles, do not contact with acid and alkali oil substances, should prevent sharp sting. If low voltage insulation shoe bottom pattern polishing, to reveal the internal cannot be used as insulating shoes color. 5. When buying insulated shoes, you should check the shoes for insulation permanent marker, such as red lightning symbol, bottom is how many v voltage resistance, etc; Shoes for certification, safety JianDingZheng, production license no. , etc. As personnel engaged in high-voltage power equipment operation, they need to work in accordance with the relevant provisions in right choose insulated shoes. Because they come into contact with the charged operation environment, every day in the homework in insulation safety shoes can effectively defend their personal safety, reducing the circuit inspection or maintenance, accidentally hit the power of shock damage human body, sufficient to ensure the safety of their homework.
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