High then shoes materials disinfection, summer often do!

by:BEF     2020-07-19
Hot summer weather, go out for five minutes, sweat two hours is a normal in daily life and work. Not only that, but if people naturally sweaty feet more troubles, sweaty feet not only make people sick, and daily wet Biao Biao footwear is easy to induce all kinds of germs, such environment is very bad for your feet. As a result, for the sake of your feet, then high shoes material is to work hard to do. The ultraviolet ray in sunshine has powerful anti-virus functions, high then shoes materials can be placed under strong sunlight exposure, not only can kill most of the adsorption of bacteria, can also play a role on mold, mothproof, under the sun, should pay attention to make the shoes materials are fully to every part of the irradiation sterilization, sterilization uneven in case. In order to better protect consumers' 'second heart' don't forget to disinfect more often give high then the shoes!
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