High quality safety shoes vamp which should comply with the standards

by:BEF     2020-12-09
Safety shoes vamp is specially used to produce safety shoes leather. Because this kind of leather is to protect the personal safety of workers in a variety of complex working environment, so the environment on the surface of the market for safety shoes shoes have high quality requirements. First of all, safety shoes vamp must be able to adapt to the temperature difference of fusion, high temperature resistant to cold, high temperature or cold harsh conditions, guarantee not appear rupture phenomenon. Second, complicated work environment of safety shoes upper surface puts forward very high requirements, safety shoes vamp must be waterproof, anti-static, oil and other features, omni-directional protect workers. Again, in order to improve the convenience of production safety shoes, safety shoes vamp will also have to be hard, but not rigid, not crack, soft and not flat, there are characteristics of the back stretch. Finally, safety shoes vamp in to protect the safety of workers at the same time, also must be based on the principle of learning improve the comfort of human body, it features, the permeability is the representative. In the process of long time work, safety shoes vamp foot must be able to absorb laborer discharge water, again through the internal fiber to absorb water from the shoes outside and feet dry and human security, maintain normal metabolism. A good pair of safety shoes vamp is above standard, and this kind of safety shoes wearing safety not only comfort, durability and over a long period of time.
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