High for labor insurance shoes background antiskid design points

by:BEF     2020-12-07
There are many influence factors in high for labor insurance shoes non-slip soles, common have sole material, the surface hardness, the dry humidity, smooth, sole pattern, structure, etc. Today we are going to introduce is high low temperature antiskid design techniques for labor insurance shoes, let's learn together. 1, the background of the labor insurance shoes sole roughness, affect the contact area with the ground, have the effect of increase the friction, improve the effect of slide. 2, different structure, the thickness and depth of the background, the deformation and the actual contact area with the ground are also different. Superfine grain, in support of human body, easy to wear and tear, cause the slide effect is rapidly weakened; Too thick background, on the general road walk, cause slide deformation to reduce the effect not beautiful. 3, high shading design for labor insurance shoes, is especially important in wet interface, the drainage of the background design, directly affect the soles slide effect. When the soles and contact area between the presence of water, the soles water lines cannot be effectively ruled out to tread grooves and on both sides of the sole, will exist between the sole and ground water, the thin layer have played an important role in lubrication, greatly reduce the friction between the sole and ground, resulting in the skid phenomenon.
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