Have you noticed you often wear labor insurance shoes soles?

by:BEF     2020-12-06
In daily life, we wear different shoes in different occasions, when the shoe we also tend to pay attention to the style of shoes, and ignoring the soles, small make up to give you a grilled steak today hidden under the sole you don't know the secret. We often hear about the sole wearing non-slip is whether the shoes? The so-called soles slide don't slide, is refers to the sole and road surface friction between the big, sole do all kinds of decorative pattern, is to increase the friction with the ground shoe, this is everybody often say & other; Grip throughout the &; 。 Now teach you two tips, easy to observe the non-slip soles performance: 1, the decorative pattern of non-slip soles are water corrugated shape, corrugated the deeper, the greater the friction, the better the performance of anti-slip; 2, bulky transverse ridges and relatively small longitudinal ridges more slippery. With non-slip soles performance, the common life what are the soles material? There are four main: rubber: ingredients for natural rubber, wear-resisting, prevent slippery, has good elasticity; TPR: good abrasion resistance, flexibility, lighter than rubber slightly; PU: composite material, has good elasticity, light weight; EVAMOLD: mild texture, good elasticity, good shock absorption performance. Industrial and mining shoes soles for the workers, their daily wear labor insurance soles is rubber material, because some other materials under the complex environment, have less than very good protective effect on the soles. Ourselves when choosing shoes, also want to try to choose the quality of a material soft landing area, grain, sole big shoes.
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