Have you noticed what you wear labor insurance shoes heel?

by:BEF     2020-11-25
A pair of labor insurance shoes wear after a period of time, will you pay attention to labor insurance shoes wear and tear on the heel, don't think this is any necessary, but it is closely related to your physical health. The small make up will tell you why wear labor insurance shoes heel is related to health. Some workers wear labor insurance shoes particularly easy to wear heel, this is a normal situation, shoes partial grinding, feet shoes is very common in our daily life, the condition of the wear heels can reflect our usual when walking foot emphatically. But if a pair of shoes in 2 - labor protection is worn not within three months, not a professional habit, is a foot problem. So to go to a doctor should not only look at your feet and shoes. If it is found that labor insurance shoes inside of the arch of the foot wear faster, mostly flat feet. “ Flat feet & throughout; Foot of elasticity is small, arch collapse, direct contact with the ground, feet center arch inside more wear and tear. Wear heavy, is high arches or more hip and knee problems. With congenital spine disease or hip dysplasia, labor insurance heel lateral more wear and tear. Heel pain or & other; Outside the horoscope leg & throughout; When people walk, the body will more weight to the inside of the foot, virtually increased labor insurance heel the outside of the wear and tear. Lateral heel wear and alert & other; In the horoscope leg & throughout; 。 Walk in eight people, and the body more gathered at the foot of the lateral pressure will accelerate labor insurance shoes, followed by the outside of the wear and tear. High grinding ball lateral arches and hallux valgus were often grinding before inside a hole; The overall wear especially the ball wear labor insurance shoes, mostly with cervical or lumbar diseases. Two different shoe wear degree, may be a nervous system disease or stroke precursor. Before a stroke or a nervous system disease, is often a foot dragging the other foot to walk, because two legs have different movements, while stepping on drag, so on one side of the wear and tear is small, drag the side of the wear and tear. Normal wear labor insurance shoes, wear off half a year and a half inch within belongs to the normal range, sometimes the outside a little more than the inside a little wear and tear. Normally, if a new labor insurance shoes, wear wear off half a year and a half inch of less than, generally is normal, there are people in 2 - foot disease 3 months sole will wear badly. A person should have at least two pairs of labor insurance shoes, every labor insurance shoes wear don't more than 3 consecutive weeks. After watching the above introduction, whether you will ignore what they wear labor insurance shoes wear and tear on the heel, although this is just reflect the health of a tip, but in our live and work, also don't ignore, if found his labor insurance shoes worn heels, please remember to change in time new labor insurance shoes!
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