Have you noticed that you wear labor insurance shoes ( Safety shoes) Soles wear?

by:BEF     2020-12-12
Have you noticed your sole? Do you think the soles wear normal? A survey: shoes heel grinding that almost everyone has, but with different degree. And most people think that is normal wear and tear, is mainly related to walk. If your doctor tell you that in the short term sole badly worn, it is possible that joint out of the question, do you still think it is small? Grinding sore, asymmetry, attention should be paid to the in the doctor's eyes, man's shoes, like tires, if a car is always wandering, abrasion of the car's tires would be is not the same as a normal car, will be doubted whether the car is out of the question. The case of wear need attention, is the soles in the short term, such as two or three months, seriously wear, excluding shoes itself quality problem, and two shoes wear is asymmetrical, so it is possible that knee, waist, hip and other joints out of the question, such as congenital subluxation of the hip, hip dysplasia, scoliosis, and so on. This time need to go to hospital for further examination to determine what is wrong. Common diseases is inside outside of eight, eight general, soles wear reflect common diseases is inside outside of eight and eight. If it is the inside soles wear more, probably because the knee to the legs, causing crus bends outward. Uneven for a long time will lead to knee cartilage wear and tear caused by arthritis. Among them, in severe cases referred to as X leg, walking is more & other; Outside of eight & throughout; 。 The soles of the lateral serious wear and tear, and mostly two legs knee outward separation, cause crus tibial flip Angle inward. If serious, is what is called a type O leg, walking is more & other; Within eight & throughout; 。 All ground may & other; Flat foot & throughout; If you find yourself in the shoes wear almost unanimously, the estimate you are flat foot. Can this step a footprint, flat foot steps is complete, feet, palms and soles, the lateral and heel can be displayed. And normal foot arch, the footprints of the inside is empty, only the foot ball, heel, and the outside. Flat feet, because the feet of elasticity is small, plus feet center direct contact with the ground, walk long time will hurt. The ball mill fast walk very specification if you find yourself in the shoes, the soles of the foot even grinding parts quickly, then congratulations, you are a rare position correct. Experts say that players are running the ball landed first, this is because the foot is the impact of the landing on the human body is small, it is good for protecting the joints. And models, when walking, tiptoe forward, beautiful gesture. Suggest you hold your head high, when you walk so slightly tucked up, feet step on tiptoe should forward and minimize the slant inward or outward, on or before arrival of the soles of your feet to the ground. Also note that on walking pace don't have small steps, not dragging their heels, or it will affect bone growth and development. For work at the site of the friends, you should always keep an eye on what they wear labor insurance shoes ( Safety shoes) Wear and tear, to see if their health problems, after all have a healthy body is the most important!
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