Have you ever seen a thin cicada, as light as a feather in dongguan and puncture-proof bottom?

by:BEF     2020-07-27
If you want to say the summer pronoun, in addition to the watermelon and air conditioning, still have a kind of animal, hear it, you will know is summer arrived, that's the cicada. Remember when I was a child will follow adults take stick stick to stick cicada, stuck to the cicada dry or medicinal herbs, used to wind hot cold boiled herbal tea treatment are good. Speaking of cicadas called, had to talk about our home in dongguan and puncture-proof bottom! It not only solid as a rock against the piercing force, and as thin as cicada's light texture. First, because he is made of high strength of polyester filament, the material of polyester fiber are better than normal, up to 1100 n puncture test, moreover also winding resistance, light weight, resistance to acid and alkali oil, soft, wearing comfortable, non-conductive superior performance. Heavier is the products also received the CTC and Intertek related certificates, can see the quality, security is a one-stop service, let the customer enjoy no heed. Dongguan puncture in the bottom, you will be worth it!
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