From the vamp material method to distinguish the quality of safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-05
Safety shoes when the choose and buy, the quality is the need to the primary consideration. But quality is not easy to distinguish between a pair of safety shoes, it's hard to distinguish from the surface only. What are the way to easily identify the quality of the safety shoes? First of all, we can be distinguish from safety shoes vamp quality on the market in our country at present the safety shoes vamp material common have double cloth with soft nap of leather, leather shift membrane, broken leather, cowhide, etc. To and the European Union CE standard synchronization in recent years, domestic also have started to import foreign thickening buffalo hide in conformity with the European standard. Hide the appearance of significant irregular stripes and natural pores, hardy folding, breathable perspiration function; Leather shift membrane are collectively referred to as natural leather, is the natural leather on the surface of fiber layer at the bottom of the loose meat artificial outside surface, its grain markings similar to natural leather, but no pores, feel is hard, but the waterproof function is very good. Second, up to identify safety shoes quality safety shoes from feel hand feels plump and full of elasticity, no cool meaning of basic it is leather, feel is hard, have a cool feeling mostly leather shift membrane. Look from the cross section, leather section without significant film layer, with the hand scraping the bottom base will find villous and scraping the longer. This is the most significant base at the end of the fiber ( Leather base) The embodiment. Leather leather shift membrane is a natural leather on the surface of fiber layer at the bottom of the loose meat or fibre grinding, after high-pressure adhesive for bonding, forming the outer surface of the sheet after with artificial, with blade scratch the surface, some surface can fall off the small pieces. From these two points, you generally can distinguish your safety shoes is leather or leather shift membrane, can probably know exactly how the quality of safety shoes.
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