Frequency of labor insurance shoes 'eat' foot problems

by:BEF     2020-11-29
Since in recent years, because of the labor insurance shoes & other; Bite & throughout; Feet due to the accident to happen from time to tome, rescue personnel are glad afterward by wearing has hit a labor insurance shoes, thanks to the otherwise after really unimaginable. Here are some examples: 1, the man was labor insurance shoes & other; Eat & throughout; Foot fire help intact haikou a man working in the construction site, labor insurance shoes were worn by the driver hit, because the protective iron is contained in labor insurance shoes, smashed, labor insurance shoes iron deformation stuck in man's feet, because labor insurance shoes, not the foot of the parties gradually symptoms such as numbness, and was taken to the hospital, the hospital immediately to the fire for help. 2, mold hit iron into Chinese shoes according to the toes of the injured mr. wang recalled, when the incident, their working in the factory, mold dropped on his foot, due to work during the workers need to wear the labor protection shoes, and this kind of material is given priority to with leather shoes, give priority to with iron on tiptoe first half, abrasive falls right in his left foot tiptoe, couldn't move his feet. 3, labor insurance shoes & other; Bite & throughout; Toe is a man in the handling of goods, goods accidentally slip, just hit on his left foot, cause labor insurance shoes iron head & other; Bite & throughout; The toe of the left foot. Before the injured workers were sent to hui mountain state hospitals. But the labor insurance shoes is special, and steel plate thicker, doctors can't will buckle under the toes of steel plate, but under had to fire department for help. In a similar case, you can see, labor insurance shoes head of baotou steel is one of the biggest, although the toes were labor insurance shoes baotou steel & other; Eat & throughout; , but without it, it is estimated that the foot is gone. Industry knows that is resistant to hit steel in case there must be some in the safety shoes in baotou steel, it has the impact resistance performance. And decided to hit the main factors of labor insurance shoes protection grade is the quality of the selected steel baotou, different material steel baotou the smashing resistance is very different, so when the smashing labor insurance shoes of choose and buy, be sure to clear the selected hit the level of labor insurance shoes, thus to make the right choice. The smashing labor insurance shoes according to its protection level is divided into 5 levels ( An1 ? An5) And different levels have different protection ability, higher level of smashing labor insurance shoes its front-end pressure resistant and impact resistant technology index are higher, the protection of digit.
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