Four kinds of commonly used safety shoes performance testing method

by:BEF     2020-12-01
Safety shoes are mainly used for homework foot safety protection work, its types are many, such as protection of digit, puncture proof, insulation, acid and alkali resistant, etc. When choosing safety shoes, need according to the nature of the dangers of working environment and damage degree. In order to make everyone better understanding and use safety shoes, let's introduce safety shoes for everybody performance test of the commonly used methods: 1, baotou shock with provisions of the weight of steel impact hammer impact test was carried out on the safety shoes in baotou, baotou when clearance height should be less than the specified value, and the axis of the baotou in the test should not be any penetrating crack. 2, resistance to puncture the soles sample on the chassis testing machine, and put nail clamp and test in the testing machine and nail test for a cut to the head of the tip, nail head hardness should be greater than 60 HRC. Then test nail pierced through the outsole to penetrate so far, the most vigorously for the record, four points each soles choice experiment, various points are not less than 30 mm apart, and from the inner bottom edge distance is greater than 10 mm. 3, heat insulation, connect the thermocouple in safety shoes insole area, the center of the steel ball fill in the shoes, to regulate the temperature of the sand bath pot after 5 ℃ to 150 ℃. Put on it, the shoe will contact sand safety shoes outsole, then use the connected to thermocouple temperature test device, measuring the temperature of the inner bottom and the appropriate time, the increase of the temperature curve is given. 4, the heel part of the energy absorption test instruments and the maximum compression load of 6000 n, with a record load/deformation characteristics of the device. Will take following shoe in a sheet metal, will test the punch in the center of the heel part inside of the inner bottom. With 10 mm/min 3 mm/min speed of load. Load/compression curve drawing, and calculate the absorbing energy E, expressed as a joule.
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