For the third party testing and puncture-proof bottom standard, have what effect on line?

by:BEF     2020-07-18
China's tax power, at the same time, he is also the import and export manufacturing power, in the past decades of reform and opening-up from made in China 'to' created in China 'the seeds have been deep in the heart of the national, initial success development until now, turn back China's vast manufacturing group transfer is no country can accept it, so to prevent puncture in bottom standards will have an effect in the future? The impact that x in there will be no inline? On to this piece of foreign trade export, actually is not simple production, will involve the entire supply chain, must have the port and raw material supply chain, there are a lot of supporting facilities, to build up all of the whole supply chain, at a stroke the difficulty is very big, now China appear some low-end manufacturing transfer, this is normal, because the cost is high, also has an effect to the environment, China's manufacturing, the earliest and shifting from Taiwan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, development to the present, low-end industries to gradually shift outward again, this also is very normal. Key control cost rate, if costs rise, inflation, must be accelerated. In simple terms, the transfer of the manufacturing industry is the most direct reason of low labor costs, but the worker's proficiency and technology can not meet the requirements, and in addition to the supply chain and a problem. In fact, China has a very mature supply chain, through decades of building, this is our advantage. Therefore, for the third party testing and puncture-proof bottom standard, short time is very stable in the future, as long as the path followed by the state environmental protection go for it!
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