For chemical experiment the researchers need to wear labor insurance shoes?

by:BEF     2020-11-30
See the title you may wonder, employees in the chemistry lab they still need to wear labor insurance shoes? Aren't they just wear normal shoes? It have any special requirements? But for them, for the sake of safety, or it is necessary to wear labor insurance shoes, they wear labor insurance shoes is only suitable for they wear special Labour protection shoes in a chemistry lab. In the chemistry lab, there is a group of people they are chemical analyst, we call them is for the sake of the development and application of products and processes, qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis method for improvement, etc. , for material and experimental analysis and synthesis. And chemical lab often involves is dangerous in a chemical reaction or use equipment to analysis the samples can release all kinds of poisonous gas, liquid and solid results in acute poisoning. In addition there are in the chemical experiment, some flammable materials ( Solid, liquid and gas) Or uncontrolled exothermic reaction, flames, or hot surface and liquid and the heat released by the explosion cause burns, these various chemicals with corrosive irritating and may leak and so on, so their working in the laboratory to be on the safe side, or wearing a protective labor insurance shoes is better, and what they wear labor insurance shoes? For chemical experimental work scene, chemical analysts need to wear gloves, chemical corrosion prevention work cloth, acid and alkali resistant safety shoes, facial protection and eye protection glasses; When transporting moving heavy objects, need wear resistant hit a function of the safety shoes, the use of safe lifting and mobile devices, using lifting auxiliary machinery handling; When necessary, also need to wear a non-slip soles, safety shoes. And in handling or use of dangerous chemicals, obey the rules of the chemical safety, read the material safety data sheet, care must be taken for certain chemicals used.
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