Food conveyor belt, the dongguan puncture-proof wear cloth is your ideal choice

by:BEF     2020-07-28
Man is iron, the meal is steel, a don't eat so hungry panic, carbohydrate is the main source of body heat, the time of day, will have to study for a third of the time, or on the way to eat. The cantonese eat anything, it is modern people s commonly use mantra. Many years ago, our food processing, because the machine is not mature, lack of contract employees, lack of resources, food packaging is simple, only a small amount of choice, at that time, food production from artificial small workshops, large food processing factory does not blossom everywhere, as it is only known several taking shape food factory, circulation throughout the country. Assembly line was created since 1979, all production mode has been changed, higher production efficiency, lower production costs, the country from all walks of life to follow suit and untill today, as the factory continuously create, assembly line usage is rising year by year, a large number of daily production makes the water moving wear-resisting performance began to decline, this way, it is easy to cause the belt itself of sliding, if the friction roller and conveyor belt, conveyor belt is easy to show slide phenomenon. But if you use the dongguan puncture-proof wear cloth, can very good solution to this problem, first of all, the dongguan puncture-proof wear cloth with high intensity, high modulus, elongation of small, low shrinkage rate, is the ideal choice of the as food conveyor belt. The more comfortable and durable dongguan puncture-proof wear soft cloth how could you miss?
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