Foam TPU ETPU will not become a EVA resin in the application field of killer?

by:BEF     2020-07-06
In this society, promote social progress must be real technology innovation and technology revolution, any field. We all shoes, for example, we wear shoes in a variety of requirements, common demands have three points: 1, the shoes light as much as possible; 2, request sole enough wear-resisting; 3, requirements have enough comfort shoes. In the past 20 years there is a kind of material has caused the shoe industry revolution, it is EVA. By foam EVA sole may be enough light, and have a certain flexibility of EVA resin to make soles have proper cushioning function, which leads to the most casual shoes gentle running shoes are using EVA as the sole material. In China is as high as 450000 tons annually in shoes material usage occupied the market share of more than 53% (EVA : due to technical limitations, in the past 10 years, China's import dependence has been not low, EVA resin market in China the number of production enterprises to maintain for a long time in single digits, sinopec yanshan, sinopec yangzi basf and Formosa plastics group almost a monopoly on the market, prices have been very happy, of course, make the production enterprise. Killer is coming now, it is TPU, it is the full name of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer, as is known to all, the greatest advantages of polyurethane elastomer has three points: 1, the formula of plasticity is very big, that is to say, by adjusting the formula can be produced from one of the most soft to hard products; 2, special wear-resisting, its wear resistance is 3 times of natural rubber, to know all the most wear-resisting rubber natural rubber is; 3, it can be made into very transparent and any color of products. Before did not appear in the polyurethane elastomer, we have a strong wear resistance of traditional requirements using natural rubber soles, reinforced with carbon black filled, also is everyone see soles are usually black; If you want to buy a light color or color soles of shoes, its wear resistance will be discounted, and also can't be transparent. When polyurethane elastomer is used as the sole is black rubber soles have obtained the wear-resisting soles, and can be transparent or colored; But if the outsole and the bottom completely out of polyurethane elastomer, this pair of shoes will be very heavy, it will be uncomfortable; And microcellular because it could not make it before, no one will use polyurethane elastomer in the bottom; Typically made of foam EVA bottom, the bottom with a thin layer of TPU outsole, such shoes to wear light and durable. Why can't do with EVA outsole? Because EVA wear-resisting. Now by the world famous chemical company basf introduced a new kind of foaming technology make TPU with the EVA in the applications of shoes materials may be full challenge. The foaming technique is also referred to in the industry & other; Popcorn & throughout; , it can be to do the shoes with the same light EVA, the key is to have very good resilience, which is a far better than EVA cushioning effect, some have even made sole TPU to reduce the weight of the outsole and by using the method of chemical foaming have a certain capacity, so that we all three requirements on the performance of shoes can be realized at the same time by a new type of TPU technology. Several main raw materials used in the production of TPU, prices have been gradually declining trend in recent years, some materials such as BDO has fallen sharply, so that the TPU possess stronger and stronger competitiveness. We believe that in the next five years, EVA application in the field of shoes materials may be more than seven chengdu will be replaced by a new type of TPU, of course, this technique can be successfully used in pipe, this is not a good news for EVA industry. We know that we will break industry monopolies is one of the biggest factors in promoting social progress, and technical innovation and revolution is the best means to break the industry monopoly. We are very bullish on TPU in shoes materials and even more in the field of application, for EVA & other industry; The Wolf & throughout; Really came. Many companies feeling the huge opportunity, enjoy world-class enterprises, such as, lubrizol, basf has come in, this kind of opportunity also will certainly not be wanhua chemical, new material meirui and huafeng, enterprising main ETPU plastic. We believe that the TPU industry will due to the outbreak of the ETPU is becoming more and more lively, more and more interesting.
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